Stoke Sings Festival 2020 Choirs

Sixteen wonderful choirs from Staffordshire and South Cheshire will perform at Stoke Sings Festival 2020 on Saturday 25th January at the Victoria Hall in Stoke on Trent.

Alsager Community Choir
Led by Daniel Keen
Broughton Community Choir
Led by Martin Jones  
Clay Chorus
Led by Kate Barfield and Greg Stephens.
Deaflinks Silent choir
Led by Laura Thirlwall
The Silent Choir fundraise for dDeaflinks Charity.
Endon community choir
Led by Dan Hollingshurst
Fulford community choir
Led by Dan Hollingshurst
Inter Theatre Stoke Choir
Led by Steve Mitchell    
Loud Mouth Women
Led by Kate Barfield
MicWire (Crewe)
Led by Grace Allwood   
Peace Through Folk Choir (Leek)
Led by Lester Simpson
Potters community choir
Led by Teresa Phillips    
Staffordshire Community Choir
Led by Ashley Mellor
Swanbank Gospel Choir
Led by Trudy Purkiss  
Up Men Sing (Restoke)
Led by Paul Rogerson
Village Voices (Singing for Lung Health) choir
Led by Kate Barfield
Wetley Rocks Male Voice Choir
Led by Ian Jones
Get your tickets here for this amazing showcase of local musical talent!

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